Sneak Peek

Take a quick preview at the coming biography about Myron, In The Hole.

"Who Framed..." Tee

Born and bred in Kansas City there's just something about this guy. Help Myron tell his story and get the word out by rocking some gear that supports.

The Institutions

In his meteoric streak across the basketball universe Myron brushed up against a who's who of the game's royalty.

Finally, Myron's Turn


In the late 1990's Kansas City was the center of the basketball universe.  The Jayhawks were riding high under Roy Williams and the CMH 76ers sponsored by the Tom Grant Foundation and coached by Myron Piggie were the talk of AAU basketball.

A team loaded with future NBA prospects attracted all the good and bad of basketball celebrity in the Hip Hop 90's.  When things didn't turn out happily ever after the way many invested had predicted somebody had to take the blame, and Myron was an easy target.

For years Myron has been defined nationally by the perception of him projected by outsiders and opportunists.  Now, at long last he is telling his story.


Get Excited...

This is only the beginning all spring long this site will roll out the story of Myron Piggie.  Stay tuned, but for now click and listen to little taste of what is to come.