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The indictment claimed Myron conspired in the mid to late 90s Myron to defraud universities of their rights to honest scholarship athletes, uncontaminated and still eligible according to NCAA regulations. Myron created in pursuit a secret scheme to pay high school basketball players for summertime basketball thus defrauding universities rooting them and signing them scholarships. Payment of athletes in such a way would be in NCAA  violation that would affect their eligibility.

George Raveling was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015 as a contributor.

Upon agreement to plead guilty to counts 1 and 9 against him a total tax laws in conjunction with the estimated losses of Pembroke Hill School the NCAA and the institutions the lost eligibility the district court ordered restitution payment be made by Myron in the amount of $324,279.87. In addition the sentencing required a 37 month prison term and three years of supervised release… but what actually lead to this? Who needed Myron taken out?

The “Myron Piggie thing” and Corey Maggette marked the rude awakening of Coach K to the 1 & done era.


Truthfully it’s these players and others.  An entire block of the United States Basketball establishment needed to clear out the perception of their connection to “street agents” or the “Myron Piggies of the world”. So, the real Myron Piggie had to take a fall.

Kansas came up empty on the recruits they swooned over on CMH, but it meant even more to one particular booster.


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